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Lower Hutt, New Zealand

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eBcxm / Beth's resume & CV, plus samples of work.

e B c x m / Beth's Resume

For a copy of my CV email a request to me - Beth Manning's Curriculm Vitae

You will find links to some examples of my writing at the bottom of this page.   [Skip ahead]

Or read on to find the nitty gritty bits and pieces.  

The Important stuff

I have detailed some of my work, and as I complete more contracts I'll add more examples of my work so far.

  e B c x m's  Work to date:

eBcxm.com & eBcxm's blog

Website & Blog design, Online content, Writing, Editing, Photo editing & resizing...
The eBcxm website was designed using Microsoft Expression Web 3, and the eBcxm Blog was designed using Word Press.

The Manning's Blog

Blog design, Online content, Editing, Photo resizing & editing...
I run the Manning's Blog for my parents.   They wanted a place to share the journey of building their dream house.   I used Word Press to set this blog up.

Memorial for Kathleen Lower (Umma)

Website design, Online Content, Writing, Editing, Photo colllating & compiling...
This website was compiled from all the eulogies, readings, hymns and details from my grandmother's (Umma) funeral in June 2010.   Partly it was put together so that my brother and cousin in the United Kingdom could see and read everything from the funeral, but also many people had asked to see the photos from the tribute again (for longer this time), and so we decided to set this site up.   I used Google Sites to set this website up.

Sally Coltzau & others

Proof-reading & Editing
Proof-reading and editing university essays and novel writing.  I used Microsoft Word (with Track Changes) to do this proofing and editing.

Prof Martin R Manning

Online Research
I used Victoria University's website, Google and Google Scholar to do the research for this contract, and then collated all the material with Microsoft Word.


Online Research
I was asked to sort through numerous funding proposals, to check the referees cited, to make sure there were no conflicts of interest.   I used Google and Google Scholar mostly to complete this research.


Examples of Beth's work

Beth's Writing

Follow this link to find several examples of my writing, for essays, reports, proposals, articles, features and editorials, promotional material and websites.  

Some of the examples are taken from my time at university, but as I get more work I will add more recent examples of my work.   But for the time being this page should give you an idea of my writing abilities.


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