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What eBcxm has been doing lately, and what's next... News, Blog, Facebook, Twitter & Updates

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February - May 2013 Planning & designing a blog site for a possible new client. *Watch this space*
March 2013 The eBcxm Blog is designed and uploaded.
March 2013 eBcxm is updated, completed and uploaded.
February 2013 The eBcxm website is under going a major overhaul.
May 2012 - March 2013 Updates to The Manning Family's Blog.
May 2012 The Manning Family's Blog was created and uploaded.
August 2011 eBcxm is born!   The eBcxm Website was created and uploaded.   All the pages are up and running within the site, but some may be a bit sparse at the moment.

e B c x m's Blog

Follow this link to check out eBcxm's blog... [still working on this]

I'm interested in having guest bloggers write occasionally for eBcxm's blog.   E-mail me if you'd be interested, or comments to make.


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e B c x m's website updates

Everything is new...

  • Services ... the services offered by eBcxm

  • Resume ... eBcxm / Beth's resume / CV, plus samples of work

    • Writing ... samples of eBcxm / Beth's writing

  • News ... for the latest news from eBcxm, the eBcxm Blog, plus links to Twitter & Facebook pages

  • Links ... favourite links from eBcxm & Beth

  • Gallery ... a few of eBcxm & Beth's favourite photos (taken by Beth, or family members)

  • About eBcxm ... for information about eBcxm & Beth (Managing Director)

  • Contact ... contact details for eBcxm & Beth

Watch this space for more updates.

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